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Manpower Recruitment consultancy.

With large investments imminent into the Industrial sector in the near future post globalization & digitalization, the demand for the skilled workforce is set to rise exponentially. The expectation of employers are also high to meet the business challenges. We, understand these changing trends and work as a seamless unit across various sectors to meet shifting needs and expectations of our clients by helping them recruit appropriate candidates with the right set of skills and experience. We follow a very systematic approach customized to clients’s specific needs for each & every position. We have expert team available who can support and take care of all activities involved from beginning to final hiring of the candidates as mentioned below.

  • Preparation of JD_Job description.
  • Providing CVs of the suitable candidates.
  • Conducting preliminary interviews.
  • Conducting final technical Interviews.
  • Providing technical manpower in all department of the company such as Production, Engineering & Maintenance - Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Utility, Civil, Automation, Reliability, Projects, and Safety.

We also undertake total activities involved till the final onboarding of the most suitable candidate meeting our client’s requirement.

For experienced positions:

  • Job description: Preparation of JD_Job description for different positions in all functions of the company.
  • Sourcing of CVs: Sourcing CVs of the suitable candidates from genuine sources.
  • Screening of CV: Screening of CVs of the candidates based on JD requirement.
  • Shortlisting: Conducting preliminary interviews for shortlisting of suitable candidates for all functions & department of the company.
  • Conducting final technical Interviews.
  • Verification of document and certificates to provide most suitable and genuine candidate.
  • Providing our services for all the positions i.e. Director, CEO, Group Heads, SVP, VP, Heads, GM, Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Operators and Panel officers.
  • Providing technical manpower in all department & functions of the company such Operations, Engineering & Maintenance - Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Utility, Civil, Automation, Reliability, Projects, Chemical, Production and HSEF_Health Safety Environment & Fire disciplines.

For Freshers:

  • Through campus interviews.
  • Preparation of question papers based on their respective discipline and job requirement.
  • Conducting of written test.
  • Conducting interview after the written test.
  • Shortlisting of candidates based on written test and interview performance.
  • Verification of document & certificates.
  • Through sourcing of CVs followed by the activities as mentioned above.

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